Our Offering

We are offering CAPS-aligned content for home-schoolers to parents who opt to home educate/school their children over traditional schooling. Learners will access the learning material through the learner portal.

English is the only Home Language on offer with Afrikaans as the first additional language. Other additional languages will be introduced on demand. Send a request to training@gininiacademy.co.za

Every learner registered with us will be introduced to coding at no cost.

Benefits of home education solution

  • Learners will receive access to our learning portal
  • Through Virtual Reality technology, we bring the curriculum to life by visiting far-flung corners of the world, Human anatomy systems, Atomic structures or even landing on the Moon..! 
  • Learners shall be exposed to coding at an early stage of their lives
  • Learners shall be able to replay lessons
  • Learners will be provided with an electronic daily attendance register to manage scholar attendance
  • Provide learners with the basic knowledge needed to succeed in school

Example of Virtual Reality lesson

Educational virtual reality technology