Grade 4-6

Delivery method

The CAPS curriculum is delivered through the learning portal. A learner will be taught virtually or offline through videos, virtual classes using e-books.

Our qualified teachers follow prescribed CAPS plans. A learner will the get the flexibility to study at their own pace at the comfort of their own homes.

  • The online curriculum is 100% aligned to CAPS
  • Lessons are conducted virtually or offline via the learning portal
  • Assessments are conducted virtually via the online portal
  • Parents can track the performance of learners

Visit the FAQ tab above for more clarity on how the programme aligns with CAPS.

Compulsory subjects

  • Home Language (English)
  • Additional Language Afrikaans
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills
  • Natural Sciences & Technology
  • Digital Literacy
  • Social Sciences
  • Other first additional languages will be introduced on demand. Send a request to

Free skill

Digital Literacy – Live coding & robotics classes. Home education learners shall be included to the existing coding classes offered online on Saturdays at no extra cost.

Formal Assessments

All assessment tasks that make up a formal programme of assessment for the year are regarded as Formal Assessments. Formal assessment tasks are marked and formally recorded by the teacher for progression purposes.
All Formal Assessment tasks are subject to moderation for the purpose of quality assurance and to ensure that appropriate standards are maintained.